Welcome to Tried It Myself! This is the first personal blog of Jose Tudor, a would be blogger from way back in the day! Like so many bloggers do, he fell into the black hole of non-existence for several years. He even lost the website’s domain name! After several years TriedItMyself.com has returned to him. And here he is at it again, blogging about his personal experiences with the things he’s tried!

Tried It Myself is Jose’s digital space to vent, to rant and to rave about things! On this blog he may discuss his thoughts on the events of the day. He may review a product or a service. Or, he may talk about an experience he had trying something he’s never done before, like Karaoke for example (He’ll have to work up the courage for that one!).

The goal of Tried It Myself is to inform the reader, to trigger a thought, to strike up a conversation around whatever Jose is musing about at the time! It is his ardent wish that the reader leave with a measure of enjoyment, a morsel of value from what’s written in the pages of this blog!

As for Jose, he plans to have fun! He plans to be lighthearted! But he will strike a serious tone whenever warranted!